Clearview Online Registration

Clearview School Division has now moved to on-line school registration for all new students, including ECS and Pre-K!  Please read below for more information.  The link is also found on our website under "Registraion".
Clearview Public Schools now allows for parents and legal guardians to register their child on-line.

The new registration process is open for all new students to Clearview, allowing families looking to register their child for next year's (2020-21) Kindergarten and Clearview's early learning program Start Right Pre-K right away.  The new process also includes the ability to directly upload important documentation such as the child's birth certificate during the on-line process.


The ability to register students on-line provides additional conveniences to many families and makes it easier than ever to register in one of our first-choice, local community schools throughout Clearview.
"This was actually a process started in October during the process of switching our student information system to PowerSchool.  Over the past months, we have worked continuously to review and refine the registration process.  The goal was to ensure we were capturing the information needed, and do so so in the most streamlined way possible.  We are very excited to have this available to our communities, particularly given the current challenges we are facing in our past practice where staff could meet directly with parents in schools."
- Peter Barron, Superintendent

Also with the new system, parents and legal guardians will now be able to annually confirm their information at the beginning of the school year on-line.  In the past the process would have been paper-based, with additional effort needed to send the information home to families, have families manually make the changes on the sheet, and send back.  Now the process will be simplified to allow this to be done on-line, directly and quickly.

For more information on registering your child, please contact your local community school in Clearview.
Clearview Public Schools
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