Mental Health Awareness Week

Please see our daily activities next week for Mental Health Awareness Week ... 


Monday, May 6 - Let's Taco-About It - FREE lunch in collaboration between Parent Council and CARS. There will be posters about why it's important to Taco-About mental health. 

Tuesday, May 7Let's Chalk About It - same theme! Students will write positive messages on the sidewalks at recess, and can wear a hat today. CARS will also offer Wellness Stations to elementary students. Classes can rotate through various stations related to wellness including

Thursday, May 9 - Stop-Drop-and-Dance to get loud for Mental Health. The STOMP girls will randomly play music over the intercom during the day, and everyone stops, drops what they are doing, and has a 30 second dance break. 

Friday, May 10Hats off to Mental Health

Thursday, May 16 - Citizenship Symposium with grades 5 to 9 in conjunction with CARS and student leaders from Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus. The student leaders will facilitate large and small family group activities throughout the morning, followed by a Positive Pizza lunch. We will talk about what makes a good citizen in our school and the world. The students will create a specific plan of what they can do to contribute to a positive school and community, and follow up on plans made during the Headstrong Youth Mental Summit they attended in the fall.