Severe Weather Information

With our winter conditions in Alberta and our area, we would like to remind parents and legal guardians on the guidelines for school busing during severe weather conditions (including temperature guidelines).  Clearview's Administrative Procedure 503 "Severe Weather Conditions" outlines transportation operations during those weather conditions that may impact the safety of students and staff.

Highlights of Clearview's guidelines you may wish to be aware of include:

  • School bus operations will be suspended when visibility is 0.2 km (200 metres) or less (for example, during snow or fog conditions)
  • School bus operations will be suspended when the air temperature is colder than -35 degrees celsius' or when the temperature taking into consideration wind speed exceeds -40 degrees celsius.
  • When a decision is made to operate the buses, the decision to send children on the bus is that of the parents/guardians. The parents/guardians should consider factors such as age and health of children, as well as any other factors they deem advisable.
  • All students are required to be prepared for severe weather conditions, and carry with them appropriate winter footwear, outerwear, including headgear, and gloves or mitts. 
  • When most or all school bus services are suspended for an area or school, all schools shall normally remain open to students, which may be determined otherwise by the Superintendent or designate. 

Please be aware that in the event the school bus services is cancelled or late on a particular day, updates are available using the SchoolMessenger App for your phone or on our website at


Thank you.

Peter Neale, Associate Superintendent