Spell-a-Thon Results


Erskine School hosted yet another FANTASTIC Spell-a-Thon competition …

Students attaining 100% on their test:

ECS                    Kate, Maysa and Emma

Grade 1             Owen, Kail, Jackson, and Luke

Grade 2             Jamie

Grade 3             Kayla and Eboni

Grade 5             Aryann

Grade 6             Caleb, Josie, Chance and Zach          

Grade 7             Nora


Winner of Pizza Party for attaining the highest class average on the test is the grade 6’s!  They had an 86% class average.  This class is very proud to boast that they have won a pizza party every year that we’ve held the Spell-a-Thon!


This year you students raised $3295.30!!!  All funds raised will be used to replace metal railing in the mezzanine with glass railing so that our many parents and family can better enjoy watching our sports teams.


Special recognition to all our students who raised over $100 each.  These include:

Kate & Branson Maysa & Kayl Luke & Kayla Andie, Kelly & Owen

Elizabeth Jamie Denver Kypton

Jackson G. Eboni & Remi Harper & Ava Cole & Lucas

Nora & Joe Kayla & Connor


We have decided to honor all of the above students with a pizza party in recognition of their hard work in studying for the test and raising funds for our school.


Highest fundraising students were:

Jamie $205.00

Elizabeth $250

Jackson G $311.00

These students will be individually recognized for their efforts as well!

Thank you yet again for another successful Spell-a-Thon!



Sheri Morbeck